Monday, January 17, 2011

The Competition Part 2 of ?

Competition update (See part 1 here)Well, I have officially lost my lead.. Not by much, but right now I'm down by 5. Currently Andrea has 204 (490-286) and I have 199... The good news is, I've passed Dad's blog, he only has 192. But I am optimistic. I'm in it for the long run. Hopefully some of the mass posting wind will leave Andrea's sails, you never know! So I've made the following poll to see who thinks I'll break 1000 hits first, and who thinks Andrea will get to 1000 before me.. I trust everyone on this page will make the right decision... Right?
We'll see how it goes. Andrea seems to have had some luck with the poll she made yesterday, getting over 100 hits today. Though her blog did have a photo-blog of her cookie escapade.. How can I compete with that, really? But I’m sure it'll all come out in the wash. 
Cycling weather is coming soon!! For a short time at least. Like 2 days. This Wednesday and Thursday are looking to be above 0C, so hopefully I'll get out on the bike and have something new and interesting to blog about! I only have class till 10 on Thursday, so I might even be able to get out during the daytime! I'll try and remember to pack the right tube this time, unlike 2 weeks ago! Meanwhile, I have to catch up on some homework that 

I have been procrastinating on. So why don’t you check out some of the following great blogs:


  1. ADAM FTW!! destroy andrea. girl needs her ego pulled down a few pegz.

  2. It's okay Katie, I only have 749 hits... over, uhm, double what Ad has? I'm not good at math ;)

  3. Oh hush. You started with 286... It's kind of cheating, D... Kind of cheating.

  4. I smell bitter pancakes!