Monday, January 17, 2011

Top 7 Worst Cars and Why

This is a list of the top 7 worst cars in my eyes, and why I don’t like them. It is by no means fair or complete, but I think it is accurate, even prophetic... Well, accurate at least.. 
7) PT cruiser
The PT Cruiser

One of the first ugly cars that comes to my mind is the PT cruiser. Now I’m sure it’s not a bad car mechanically, but it is just plain ugly. From the grill that looks like a cheesy grin, to the wheel arches that add about a foot to the width of the car, it’s just ugly... Most of the ugliness comes from the fact that it is trying to copy a car from the 40’s and failing miserably. The car just misses the point. Also I can’t get the image of Jesse James converting that PT cruiser to a wood chipper out of my mind, if they all did that maybe they wouldn’t be on this list.
6) Ford Ka

Ford Ka (actual size)
When Mum and Dad (see his blog here) moved to the UK, Mum got a Ka. I’m not sure why, but it was probably one of the worst decisions in history. The car is about 27” wide and not that much longer. To make things worse it has four seats and no trunk. I have had the misfortune of having to ride in the back a few times and, no joke, it took me about 2 minutes to get out. Along with the obvious space issues, the engine has about as much oomph as a hedgehog riding a tricycle.
Nissan Cube... What a window!

5) Nissan Cube
The first time I saw this car was in a Nissan dealership in New Glasgow, NS. I did a double take and had a look around the car to see if there was a sign explaining the joke... There was no sign. One of the worst things about the car is the asymmetry in the rear windows. The worst thing about the asymmetry is that it isn’t even a continuous window, the D-bar is just painted black to make it look like it is. The only purpose is to make the car ‘unique,’ well it is and it is also ugly as sin.

4) Chrysler Intrepid
I may be slightly biased against the Intrepid, however it’s my blog and I hate the intrepid, but not enough to get it higher up the list. The first reason for my view goes back a couple of years to when me and Andrea (see her blog here) were driving through Port Hawkesbury with her friends. For some reason they had decided to shout “INTREPID!!!” at every Intrepid in town. And oh boy! You wouldn’t believe how many there were. I think my ears bled a little. The second point against the intrepid is the bubble shape of the windows and roof. It looks like the Jetson’s car with some paint on top. It also has a rear window that is close to the size of Texas, which I think is a bit much.
3) Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius
Now we come to the top three. The Prius is a car that there has been a lot of hype about in the last few years as being uber fuel efficient and all hybridy. But it has its flaws. First that back window, it’s as though they designed it and didn’t look out the back to check that they could see. That’s just poor planning. Then comes the fuel efficiency, Top Gear did a test between the Prius and a BMW M3 to see which was more efficient round the track with the Prius going top speed and the M3 keeping up. The BMW was 2 MPG better than the Prius... Strange, eh? Then comes another interesting point, the production of the Prius pollutes so much that over it’s lifetime it is actually more environmentally friendly to buy and operate a Range Rover. Weak.
Prius back window. Why?
Pontiac Aztek
2) Pontiac Aztec
The Aztec is the ugliest car I can think of. It is just bad. It was probably designed by a group of preschoolers trying to draw a Hippo. Again, the car designers have let us down in the rear, the window at the back is split by a spoiler. Why do they keep doing that? And is it a coincidence that two cars with split windows made it into the top three? No... Probably not.  
1) Range Rover
I would actually love to have a Range Rover, not as much as some sports cars, but still I’d love to own one. My problem with them is that people in Range Rovers hate people on bikes... And since a lot of the country roads in Norfolk are single lane, this leads to a game of chicken that can be pretty hairy at times. Though the main reason for the Range Rover making it to the top of the list is that they are awesome and I am jealous.
The Winner, The Range Rover


  1. So disappointed the Chrysler Concorde did not make this list.

  2. I'm not sure it's a car. I think it might be a friendly people-carrying fish that breathes gas.